An alternative to reinforcing iron in floor slabs and layers of screed
Economically saver compared to iron
It saves time and labor and does not need specialized workers
It gives high flexibility and increases the ability of concrete to absorb energy under high loads.
It increases the ability of concrete to withstand strong bending, pressure, tensile and impact forces and gives high toughness resistance.
Protects the edges and corners that cannot be reached by the spread of the fibers throughout the concrete sector
The fiber is uniquely designed to increase the mechanical adhesion in the mixture It has a high capacity for spreading and mixing in the concrete mixture and is distributed regularly without occurrence of a ball or separation in the concrete and gives excellent operation
Reduces the permeability of concrete
It does not corrode or deteriorate when compared to armature, especially when it is not properly positioned in concrete, which exposes it to ground water and soil.
(It does not have any chemical reactions (does not rust 12. 400 / gives high resistance in direct tensile forces up to (500 Mpa)
Resists cracks that occur in all directions due to its spread throughout the sector and reduces plastic shrinkage and drought shrinkage
It withstands fixed and moving loads to more than 50 tons
Withstands strong friction
It gives much more cohesion than any of the similar types of fibers due to the presence of protrusions in the shape of the fiber
Environmentally friendly.

Where to use IDG FIBER

  • Floor slabs and screed layers.
  • The floors of factories and ports that are subjected to large shock loads and have the movement of cranes and cranes.
  • Chemical stations.
  • Sidewalks, landing corridors and docks.
  • Corridors, parking lots and bridge decks.
  • Sports stadiums.
  • Walls and underground tanks.
  • Sprayed concrete.
  • Storage yards with high loads.
  • Sewers.
  • Airport runways and cladding runways.

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