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The company was established in 2008 in the name of the International Company for Fiberglass for the purpose of manufacturing FRP products (plastic reinforced with glass fibers), and due to the success of the company’s business, expansions were made with the joining of new investors and the IDG FIBER ( IDG FIBER ) was established for the purpose of manufacturing reinforced plastic fibers reinforced with flexible glass plastics. GRP – GRC According to Investment Authority Law No. 8 of 97

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Our philosophy

We have combined our experience in the industry with obtaining the right of knowledge from the English company AOC with the finest types of raw materials in order to produce a large variety of fiberglass products that meet the needs of many and varied categories of the industrial sector and services such as pre-fabricated fiberglass baths – water and chemical tanks – molds Casting of concrete ceilings – Corrugated panels – Soundproof fences for bridges – Parts for bus and train structures – Electrical distribution boxes – Grandstand chairs etc.

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